About Us

How did we start?

We’re the parents of athletes; our two boys played competitive ball sports in high school and beyond. Our youngest repeatedly expressed frustration with poorly designed and unreliable ball pumps. He wanted a high quality ball pump that would keep his soccer ball at the correct pressure so he could focus on his game. When we found out he wasn’t alone, we decided to come up with a solution and developed the TorrX: The first ever Smart Ball Pump.

The TorrX is easy to use, reliable, durable and accurate. By design, it eliminates the reasons why needles break. It revolutionizes how players engage with one of the most important pieces of equipment in the game – the ball. It has never been so convenient for players, coaches and referees to measure and achieve exact ball pressure so they can focus on their sport. TorrX delivers ball pressure excellence time-after-time with ease.

No more squeezing the soccer ball. No more bouncing the basketball. No more bumping the volleyball.

No more guessing.

It’s our first foray into a line of gear that fulfills our mission:

Design and develop technology solutions that significantly enhance excellence in competitive sports.

Tom Neir and Sally Otten
Tom Neir and Sally Otten

TorrX = Pressure + Excellence

‘Torr’ is a unit of pressure measurement named after the inventor of the barometer, and
‘X’ is for eXcellence
The Torrx Engineering Team
The TorrX Engineering Team
The Torrx Business Team
The TorrX Business Team