Take the guessing out of your game

Accurate and easy to use, the TorrX smart ball pump inflates or deflates each ball to the desired pressure. No more squeezing, spiking, bouncing, or guessing. You know the ball pressure is perfect every time.

Perfect the pressure;
get on with your game

8.0 psi exactly
Perfect shoe
size: 9.5
Lucky socks
in the laundry

Take the guessing
out of your game

8.0 PSI
Rim exactly 10 feet
above the floor.
to call

Push a button

Perfect Pressure

Game On

3.5 PSI exactly
Net height exactly
7 feet, 4 1/8 inches.
Hit the snooze alarm
nine times this morning.

Make every ball perfect

13.0 PSI exactly
Two yards short
of the goal line.
Shouldn’t have had
that third slice of pizza.