Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to lubricate the needle before use?
A:  Yes, that is a good practice.  Wetting your fingers and then the needle works well.  This helps the needle slip through the ball valve and to protect the valve from damage.

Q: Do you recommend fully charging the battery before first use?
A:  Yes!  For safety, the lithium-ion battery is shipped with only a very minimum charge.  We recommend 2+ hours of charging before your first use.

Q: What is the best pressure for a soccer ball?
A:  Good question!  You will find your own ideal pressure as you use the TorrX and experiment a bit.  You will also find that many clubs/leagues, especially at the highest skill levels, set a standard ball pressure for tournaments/matches.  All ball sports do try to standardize where possible.  The TorrX should help every organization with that task.

Q: How do I replace the needle?
A:  TorrX was designed to eliminate much of the stress that results in needle breakage. That said, it is possible to damage a needle. Should that happen, it can be replaced with a standard needle as long as it has 5/16” threads and an o-ring seal. To remove the damaged needle, use needle-nose pliers to carefully remove the old needle. Then secure the new needle with those same pliers being sure to achieve a snug fit. Poorly fitted needles will reduce the performance of the TorrX. If you want a new/replacement factory needle, please contact us at

Q: What sports balls can I inflate with the TorrX?
A: Any ball with a standard needle value – soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, rugby ball, Aussie rules football, dodge ball, kickball and more. Believe it or not, you can also inflate boat fenders!

Q: I want to set AUTO MODE as my default mode. Can I do this? 
A: Yes, simply double click the A button to put the TorrX in AUTO MODE, then simultaneously press + and A until you hear a beep. Now you will be in AUTO MODE each time you turn on the TorrX.

Q: Can I charge the TorrX with my computer USB? 

A: Yes! Any USB port – computer, adapter, car charger, backup battery – will work.

Q: How long does it take to fully recharge the lithium-ion battery? 

A: A completely exhausted battery will take from 2.0 – 2.5 hours depending on the USB port output.

Q: What if the ball I’m working with is over inflated? 

A: In MANUAL MODE, push the to deflate the ball to the right pressure. In AUTO MODE the TorrX will automatically deflate the ball to your target pressure.

Q: How many soccer balls can I inflate on a full charge? 
A: If you are using a standard size 5 soccer/football you will be able to TopUp (inflate from 6.0 PSI to 9.0 PSI) at least 50 balls before recharging. You will be able to FillUp (0.0 PSI to 14.0 PSI) 10 balls before recharging.

Q: How does the TorrX achieve such accuracy in ball inflation?
A:  There are many environmental contributors to the actual ball pressure – air leakage in the ball, pressure changes due to temperature, equipment calibration, predictive algorithms, changes in the product during dynamic usage, and manufacturing quality. The TorrX is Smart Ball Pump because it does a thorough job addressing each of these areas and has the capacity to “learn” from usage and grow more accurate.

Q: Why does the TorrX sometimes both inflate and deflate in AUTO MODE?

A:  While operating in AUTO MODE the TorrX will “hunt” (inflate and deflate) to perfect the ball pressure. Please wait until this process is completed and you hear three beeps before removing the TorrX from the ball.

Q: What is the maximum pressure that the TorrX can achieve? 
A: The TorrX was designed to inflate balls to a maximum of 15.0 PSI/1.0 BAR. Subjecting the TorrX to higher pressures than this will damage sensitive components and void any warranty.

Q: Can I charge and use the TorrX at the same time?
A:  Yes, the TorrX can be operated while recharging but it is not recommended.

Q: What if I leave the TorrX on accidentally?
A:  The TorrX is designed to shut down after 4 minutes if it does not sense usage. Opening and closing the cap will reboot the TorrX.

Q: Can the TorrX overheat?
A:  Yes, but it is smart! Should the TorrX measure elevated operating temperatures that could damage components it will shut down and display and “H”. Once the TorrX has cooled to a good operating temperature the “H” will disappear and use can continue. A similar situation can occur if the operating environment is too cold. In this case a “C” will show on the display.
IMPORTANT: Avoid leaving the TorrX exposed to direct sunlight as it can result in overheating and temporary loss of function.

Q: I’m in Western Europe and we use BAR as our measure of pressure. Does the TorrX display BARs? 

A: Yes, we designed the TorrX to use the two most common pressure standards: PSI and BAR. You can change the unit of measure displayed by simultaneously holding down the + and – buttons until you see the unit you wish displayed and hear a beep.

Q: How accurate is the TorrX? 
A: The TorrX was designed to be accurate to + or .15 PSI.

Q: Is the TorrX waterproof?
A: The TorrX is not waterproof. It was designed to be water-resistant and will withstand a normal rainy day and the damp conditions in a sports bag.

Q: Is the TorrX noisy? 
A: No. The TorrX is designed for use along the sidelines, in a gym, and on the court. While operating the decibel the same as normal conversation.

Q: How much does the TorrX weigh? 

A: Approximately 12.5 Ounces (355 Grams)

Q: Can the TorrX accidentally turn on in my sports bag?
A: No. The cap can withstand over 50 pounds of pressure and you must manually twist, push, and twist again to open/turn it on.

Q: Can I get a different color?
A: We currently offer black with logo green accents. We plan to offer different colors and team/club branding. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Q. How did you come up with the name TorrX?
‘Torr’ is a unit of pressure measurement named after the inventor of the barometer (Galileo’s friend and student, Evangelista Torricelli), and ‘X’ is for eXcellence.