Quick Start Guide

TorrX Smart Ball Pump

To turn the TorrX ON/OFF

  • Twist cap clockwise; push up to expose needle; then twist counterclockwise to lock into place
  • The TorrX is ON when the three-digit display lights up
  • Reverse to close the cap and turn off the TorrX

To inflate/deflate in MANUAL MODE (start-up default)

  • In MANUAL MODE the display will indicate ‘00.0
  • Grasp the TorrX with one hand, so your thumb can work the buttons, and place needle into the valve of the ball
  • The display will indicate the current ball pressure
  • Press ‘+’ to inflate or ‘’ to deflate the ball

To inflate/deflate in AUTO MODE

  • Switch to AUTO MODE by double-clicking the ‘A’ button
  • In AUTO MODE the display will flash the Target Pressure and the ‘A’ under the display will be lit in green.
  • If the Target Pressure needs to be changed, press the ‘+’ or ‘’ button until the desired Target Pressure is flashing on the display.
  • Click the circular ‘A’ button to start. The TorrX will then inflate or deflate the ball as needed to achieve the Target Pressure. When the ball reaches the Target Pressure, the TorrX will emit three short beeps and the Target Pressure will again flash – ready for the next ball.

To switch modes between MANUAL and AUTO

  • To switch from MANUAL MODE to AUTO MODE during use, double-click on the circular ‘A’ button. The green ‘A’ LED will light. To switch back double click again. The mode will return to MANUAL when the TorrX is turned OFF.

To change start-up default mode

  • The factory set start-up default is MANUAL MODE. The TorrX will therefore be in MANUAL MODE when you turn it on.
  • The default start-up mode can be changed to AUTO by putting the pump in AUTO mode, then simultaneously pressing and holding the ‘+’ and circular ‘A’ buttons. When the mode is successfully changed, the TorrX will beep. The pump will stay in the new default mode even when it is turned OFF and back ON. This process can be reversed to return the default mode back to MANUAL.

To check and charge the battery

  • Battery Status indicator illuminates on the display above the ‘+
  • The light is GREEN if the battery is fully charged
  • The light is BLINKING GREEN if the battery has a good operational charge
  • The light will begin BLINKING RED when the battery needs to be charged
  • The light will be SOLID RED when the battery is exhausted

To change the pressure measurement unit

  • The default measurement unit is PSI (pounds per square inch)
  • The default pressure measurement unit can be changed to BAR by simultaneously pressing the ‘+’ and ‘’ buttons. This process can be reversed to return to PSI.